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How to wear sunglasses if I am wearing prescription

How to wear sunglasses if I am wearing prescription? It’s a question.

When I was a teenager, I always dreamed that one day I would have a chance to wear the prescription glasses, to look cultured and elegant. Time flied and dream came true, I finally put on my prescription glasses in high school age, but it’s not that cool as I had imagined.I could not wear sunglasses even when walking in the strong white sunlight in summer. An umbrella and sunscreen can block UV harmful rays, eyes dizzy there. Sunglasses could only be a one time use tool when taking photos. What a sad story!

Occasionally  I got a chance to work in eyewear field years ago, and got to know some resolutions. We have been working on providing sunglasses and sports goggles for people who wear prescriptions for years, and here are some resolutions for sunglasses dilemma:

  1. Prescription insert

This resolution is widely used in sportive sunglasses and goggles, also some safety spectacles and goggles. The RX insert is normally detachable, and the base curve normally 6 or 8 base. So opticians normally suggest minus 25 or 50 degrees when fitting the prescription lenses. Otherwise the wearer might feel dizzy when put on the sunglasses with prescription lenses.

men polarization prescription sunglasses golf bike cycling SP1187

  1. OTG sunglasses

It’s called Over The Glasses (OTG) sunglasses, designed to wear over the prescription glasses. It looks like normal sunglasses, and normally can be worn by wearers who don’t wear prescription. This is a good design with good performance, and very popular now over the world. But due to the designing idea limitation, this style normally come with a wide lap to fit over the prescription, which makes it not smart and fashion. Some wearers might find the frame too heavy for their nose.

otg1053 blue mirror fishing sunglasses overfit

  1. Sunglasses clips

The clip on sunglasses normally clip on prescription frames. Also some clip sunglasses clip on caps. There are many types of clips now in market, easy carrying and normally polarized, a good choice for prescription wearers.

magnetic click 2 in 1 polarized sunglasses with prescription frames

People can wear prescription with photochromic lenses, or wear contact lens then wear sunglasses, also correct their vision through lasik laser eye surgery so they can wear sunglasses only ( this solution is not fit for all prescription wearers as the surgery only fits for some people physically and economically.)

As we all know, eye is the window of heart. We need our eyes to see the world, to experience our life. Hope everyone take care of our eyes and cherish what we have in a grateful attitude.